Respite Care

Respite Care for Disabled Adults, and Children in Oregon

Caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities is an incredibly fulfilling yet inherently demanding responsibility. For those dedicated individuals who find themselves living with and tending to someone with disabilities, the commitment extends to every hour of every day, seven days a week. This level of devotion can exact a toll, both physically and emotionally.

At Thrive, we acknowledge the very tangible realities of “caregiver fatigue” or “caregiver burnout,” recognizing the potential strain it places on the relationship between the caregiver and the care-receiver. As a caregiver, it is crucial to afford yourself moments of respite without the burden of guilt associated with temporarily relinquishing the care of your loved one. In instances where you are already availing in-home care services, we offer to complement that support with dedicated respite care periods.

Mitigate the risk of caregiver burnout with Thrive’s Respite Services.

Thrive is committed to providing comprehensive support through our respite care services, affording you intervals where the weight of caregiving responsibilities is temporarily lifted. This allows you the opportunity to focus on personal wellness activities, engage in pursuits you enjoy, manage tasks more efficiently when performed alone, or simply rejuvenate through rest.

Embracing these services is not indicative of shortcomings as a caregiver nor a lack of love for the individual under your care. Quite the contrary, it reflects a profound commitment to ensuring the highest quality of care for your loved one by recognizing the importance of self-care. Thrive is dedicated to assisting you in upholding the stability of this vital caregiver-patient relationship.

During respite care, our team of in-home caregivers stands ready to provide tailored assistance based on the preferences of the primary caregiver during their temporary absence.

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Our services cover any combination of the areas above, based on need and type of disability.

Respite Care can include any of the services mentioned on our In-Home Care Services page, such as:

  • Helping with daily living activities like personal hygiene or medication management.
  • Providing another outlet for social interaction outside of caregiver/care-receiver.
  • Supplying additional community connections outside the home to build further life and social skills.
  • Further developing social skills by helping identify social cues and appropriate reactions.
  • Community transportation.

Thrive is dedicated to delivering the assistance that holds the utmost value for you, catering to individuals across all age groups—from children to seniors—with unwavering professionalism and compassion. Our genuine passion for what we do is matched only by our sincere appreciation for those who have devoted their lives to the noble role of caregiving. As seasoned professionals, our primary goal is to bolster your efforts and ensure the ongoing positivity of your caregiving relationship.

Embark on the journey of respite care services with us today by reaching out at (541) 709-0640 or contact us here. It’s time to take a moment to breathe and rejuvenate!

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