In-Home Care

Thrive’s speciality is providing one-on-one Attendant Care support for adults and children who are apart of the I/DD community. We take an individual centered approach, which means that each person is supported according on their individual needs and goals.

Help with daily living activities like:

Our services cover any combination of the following areas, based on need and type of disability:

  • Getting involved in the local community
  • Personal hygiene (Bathing, hair care, and other grooming tasks).
  • Keeping living space clean and organized through light housekeeping.
  • Nutrition: preparing meals and feeding assistance if needed.
  • Going shopping.
  • Transportation to a job or other appointments.
  • Medication management and medical equipment management.
  • Scheduling and attending medical appointments.

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Our services cover any combination of the areas above, based on need and type of disability.

The services offered at Thrive are highly customizable, ensuring that we can assist you in many ways that may not be explicitly outlined on our website. In our initial meeting with a new client, we engage in detailed discussions about personal goals, individual strengths, potential risks, and areas in need of additional support. We also review any Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) in place to ensure adherence to established plans and protocols. Taking all these factors into account, we develop a comprehensive care plan that our expert in-home caregivers can implement with confidence and trust. If you have specific questions or needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thrive is reachable at (541) 709-0640 or contact us here. We’re here to support you!

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