Michelle C

Human Resources Generalist

I was born in Argentina and migrated to the United States when I was 11. I started my education in America in the sixth grade with very little knowledge of the English language, but eager to learn everything about it and its people. I worked very hard academically and socially to assimilate into the country I now call home, and it has presented me with so many opportunities and two beautiful children. I’ve been blessed to reap the benefits that this wonderful country has to offer. From the honor society in school to my first job at El Loro Mexican Restaurant, I have learned many things along the way. Determination and perseverance can unequivocally surpass any obstacle in one’s life.

I graduated from Bishop Sullivan High School with a certificate in computer applications and child development. I have worked in various fields, always intending to learn what I didn’t know and take it with me to positively influence my next adventure. From hosting families at a restaurant to reviewing appraisals for those looking for their forever home, learning payables and receivables of the industry to properly allocate and maximize customer’s money, listening to their needs as they went on to make big life decisions, to finally and most recently being involved with the logical and economic aspect of the construction business.

In all my endeavors, I have always looked to and will continue to primary care to satisfy the needs of those I represent.

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