Kaitlyn K

Connections Specialist

Kaitlyn has over 12 years of customer service and management experience. She thrives on the human experience and loves connecting with new people. Kaitlyn enjoys learning new skills,
whether it’s on the tech side of things or things that are hands-on–like operating forklifts. She is
always up for a challenge and the opportunity to grow.
Kaitlyn has lived in Idaho for 15 years, but previously lived in 7 other states. She loves traveling
and experiencing new places, especially the food! She is always up to try something new and
has many places on her bucket list to visit.
When she is not at work, Kaitlyn is active and loves to be outside with her two boys. A “boy
mom” through and through, she can be found staying busy with them playing various sports throughout the school year; and in the summer they especially love paddleboarding, swimming, and camping.

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